New furniture arrives - Lessons remembered

Taking is slowly to refurnish ourselves in our new home, we've done pretty well.   God has blessed us with insider information on the best placed to buy furniture, mattresses, etc!! 

Today, our new living room and dining room furniture was delivered.  To keep the kiddos out of the way, I strategically set them up in their booster seats for lunch just as the movers arrived.  So very interested in the new furniture that was being set up, Sister and Bubba BEGGED to be released.  But I remained firm and they had to finish their chicken nuggets with Dip-it (ranch dressing) and celery.

I've learned in my 4 years of parenthood that it's important to "stick to your guns" with the kiddos.  Who's in charge, anyway?  The Bible says to "raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  If I give in on what seems like the little battles, what's to stop them from pushing on the big stuff when they grow older?

This is truly a reminder challenge to myself, but if it can be a help to others...what a blessing!


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