Beware Lest Ye Follow

II Peter 3:18a - "But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

How sad it is when we hear of one who has chosen to follow false doctrine to justify their own sinfulness.  II Peter warns against false teachers.  They are nothing new.  False prophets were around during Old Testament days; false teachers were in the early church; and, today, we find still false teachers and preachers in the church.  But, thankfully, God preserved his truth through the ages.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Make it your goal to become more like him, and you will find it difficulty to accept false doctrines to cover sins.  Your spirit will refuse to accept them because they do not follow what Jesus taught while here on earth, and through his Holy Spirit as godly men wrote to the early church.

What are you doing to guard yourself from false teachers and their doctrines?


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