A Real Page Turner

The book of Revelation really is a page turner.  So many things happening, people appearing, constant praises to God, and proclamations being made.  People today pay a fortune to get a vague idea of what their future will hold.  Often the predictions are easily applicable to anyone - you will have a good day, good fortune awaits you, etc.  However, we have the true future of humanity spelled out in the book of Revelation, written in such detail that it has intrigued man to study it through the many generations since John wrote it down. 

My curiosity was piqued today when I read in chapter 10 about the message of the Thunderings that John was told to seal and not to write.  What a secret to keep when there is so much awesomeness occurring around you!  But be assured, God promises to reveal it in His time.

Loud praises to God who knows all things and cares for His own.

What did you find in your Bible reading today that caused you to consider digging a little deeper?


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