Yes, they come up often and far too easily.  Whether thoughts of things to do today, or children running in just as you are surely going to glean something deeply spiritual in your daily devotions.  Even if nothing profound was right on the horizon, the spirit of the moment is lost.

Goals should be flexible to the changing needs of the family's daily schedule, but try not to be discouraged when interruptions come along.  Stop where you are, address the distraction (love on your child, help them find clothes, write down the chore you are sure you will forget later in the day), and then return to the quiet time when things have calmed.  Sometimes you may find that quiet time shortly after the distraction, or it may be the next day.  Don't be discouraged, we all face those distractions.  It is our response to those distractions that makes the difference.

Start looking for a nugget of nourishment from the beginning of your Bible reading.  Even if you don't see it immediately, God may use what you read later on to encourage you or correct you throughout the day. 

Are you flexible, but still faithful?


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