God's Precious Gifts

My kids are a wonderful gift from God, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to raise them for Him.  There are many different facets of raising children, and one that I'm often reminded of is the physical.  That's easy, right?!?  Not always. 

If you have a perfect child with no physical hurdles to jump, then count your blessing and remember to thank God for that wonderful blessing.  I have two totally different children, so far.  One has no physical hurdles; but what she lacks in that area, she makes up for with attitude and strong will.  The other has a sweet spirit and is very tender heart; but we have just recently discovered that he has allergy-induced eczema.  The eczema has been around for a while, but when we had him allergy tested, we learned that by eliminating eggs and nuts from his diet we could reduce the severity of his eczema outbreaks. 

Eggs and nuts...I know, they are in almost everything at least in trace amounts.  Eliminating these ingredients from Bubba's diet required reading all the food labels in our house and removing some very favorite dishes from our menu.  The first trip to the grocery store also took almost three times longer than normal since I needed to read every label while looking for alternatives to our favorite meals and treats.  Now, almost three months later, we are getting into a good routine, and Bubba knows and identifies the foods that give him an allergic reaction.

Now we are in the wonderful phase of educating those who care for our children.  The church nursery workers have been good about checking with Mom before giving Bubba any of the snacks.  Family have become more aware of what they are offering him for snacks and meals.  However, there are always those well-meaning goodie-givers who are oblivious to any allergies.  Today, I was shown a cute sticker that warns those who want to feed the wildlife to ask Mommy first! 

For those of you who may be in the first frightful days of dealing with childhood allergies, or those seasoned and looking for tips and recipes for different allergies, check out an excellent blog called Allergy Free As Can Be.


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