To Be a Christian

James 2:9 - "But if ye have respect to persons , ye commit sin..."

The book of James covers many ways to be a Christian.  Each one could be taken individually (and should be), and practiced in the life of every Christian.  After all, faith without works is dead.

The first admonition to stand out to me was in chapter 2 regarding not having respect of persons due to their outward appearance.  How easy it is to be drawn to things and people that appear clean and sparkle; and avoid the dirty, smelly, unwashed outer appearance.  Only God knows what is on the inside, and he may have brought the aromatic person into your path today to share the gospel with them.  If you allow the unsavory-ness of the person to put you off, you may lose out on the blessing of witnessing.  I'm reminded of Romans 14:15 where the Bible speaks of the one "for whom Christ died."  You were once the one "for whom Christ died," in need of a Savior.

I find it easy to approach and talk with the person who is clean and appears approachable; but the one who is shy and not dressed as nicely I often will avoid.  My own convictions come to the surface, and I must follow the commands of the Bible and not have respect of persons, but share equally with each the gospel I have within myself.

Are you looking for anyone you can share the gospel with today?


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