Trying something new

With a new baby coming shortly and family coming to visit for the occassion (and Christmas too), we are going to have Sister and Bubba bunk together for two weeks.  Today the daybed (future crib for Lil' Man on the Way) was assembled for Bubba, and the kids wanted to have a trial night sleeping together in the Bubba's room.  This will not only be a test of their ability to sleep together without annoying each other or playing all night, but also a test of my ability to stick with the plan and help them learn to adjust to the upcoming sleeping arrangments.

This will be a great opportunity to work on my prayer life and my patience, to be sure.  However, I believe it will be better to work on these new things before I'm completely sleep-deprived and caring for a newborn as well. 

What are some adventures your family has encountered while going through the growth stages?


  1. My worst transition was when my oldest went from a crib to the toddler bed. HUGE test of the patients and wisdom in how to handle it. It took months, but by staying consistent and not giving in we now have had zero problems with night time with him. Hope the room sharing goes ok, I bet they think its great fun :o)


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