Time Management

Here I am, admitting it to the world.  With a newborn, ALOT of housekeeping slides in my house.  I just didn't see how I could make myself stick with a rigid schedule when Little Man didn't keep anywhere near as rigid a schedule as I thought was necessary to be successful.

Today I was encouraged by a post by Life as Mom.  She reminded me that setting flexible guidelines still creates structure for things to get done while giving you the opportunity to (as I see it) breathe.  The rigid, time-set schedule I wanted to follow was suffocating me to the point that I gave up on daily tasks getting done because the clock had passed the time I had set aside to get them done.  My escape, sad to say,  has become the television.  It has taken my mind off the things that need to be done while wasting the precious minutes I could be spending, here and there, turning my home into a place of peace instead of upheaval.

Now I am working on determining the amount of time each day I will spend doing daily tasks, whether housekeeping, personal care, or childcare; and when I'm not needed by my Little Man, I will be setting about getting my house out of CHAOS and back in peaceful order again.

How much time do you set aside to do each daily task?


  1. I try to multitask. Thats the only way I get things done... Like while cooking I do dishes, while walking from one end of the house to the other I pick things up as I go. If I notice the toilet needs attention while using the restroom I clean it, etc.


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