Getting ahead of myself

Well, week two of 31 Days to Clean is done.  And I actually feel ahead of myself.  Boy does my kitchen feel inviting, along with my living room.  Having guests over really helps motivate me to do a thorough cleaning of the common areas of the house; but I had a whole lot less cleaning to "worry" about since I had been taking baby steps to cleaning my home. 

Since we had guests over this Friday, the house is currently in a state of complete peace.  Only because, for the past two weeks, I've been systematically cleaning whole sections of the kitchen.  The idea of cleaning and reorganizing all my cupboards, drawers, and pantry was overwhelming; but by following the Martha challenges to clean them out and reorganize them one at a time each day of the week, I found the task did not take very long at all.  I enjoyed seeing progress, especially in places I avoided cleaning because I figured no one else was going to see in them anyway.  With the successes of accomplished tasks throughout the week, I was able to tackle the rest of the house in an afternoon while preparing for guests.  

Now, on Friday evening, I am basking in the serenity of my living room knowing that my dishes are done (thank you, Honey!), and I am headed into the weekend of rest before I dive into week 3!  I've not been focusing intently on the Mary Challenges as I felt that my home was WAY behind on the Clean deal; but I believe that I will do another 31 days after these are done and focus on the Mary Challenges while redoing the Martha Challenges, which should be much easier since they will be maintenance details rather than in-depth cleanings!

Have you put off getting started on your 31 Days to a Clean?  If so, please know that it is SOOOO worth the effort.  Not only are you able to reclaim your home, but you are also encouraged to reclaim yourself through the daily Mary Challenges. 


  1. Hey, I am enjoying reading through your blog! After reading this, I had to check out the 31 Days to Clean book, and bought it, lol. Can't wait to get started now, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm on Day 2, but I didn't clean my fridge today...I do deep kitchen clean on Wed.'s so I'll do it tomorrow!


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