What's to Eat - This week's experiments

This week we tried four of the recipes in my new favorite cookbook What's to Eat - The Milk-free, Egg-free, Nut-free Cookbook - Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Honey Dijon Salmon, Tomato Basil Halibut, White Birthday Cake.  Since the cookbook is under copyright, I cannot share the recipes online; so I will have to tease you with recipe titles and my reviews.

The recipe calls for thinly sliced potatoes, so I pulled out my food processor to make the task go quickly.  Then cook for about an hour at 400*.  Well, I didn't take into account that a food processor slices much more thinly than most people slice by hand.  Just shy of an hour I checked in on the potatoes, and we ended up with some yummy, healthy (although a little browned) chips.  Ooops!  But now I know next time to either hand-slice my potatoes, or cook them shorter since they are so thinly sliced by the food processor.

YUM!!  This recipe was quick prep at 5 minutes.  My four-year-old ate much more salmon than ever before.  The Dijon was not too overpowering as I've noticed in previous attempts at Dijon anything.  This is a keeper recipe, for sure!

Six hour marinating time made me put off this recipe because I kept forgetting to prep early enough for dinner.  The basil was overpowering to me, but everyone else at the table enjoyed it.  Again, my four-year-old cleared her fish! (Now to find a salad she will eat as enthusiastically!)  I may just reduce the basil next time, but the overall taste was pleasant. 

Happier about this than my attempt last September at an egg-less chocolate birthday cake for Bubba.  The sponge on the cake was nice and almost comparable to the two box mixes I made earlier that day.  The taste was so good that I found myself sneaking bites as I was turning the cakes into cake pops.  It did take an extra 10 minutes from what was listed in the cookbook, even though my oven tends to cook on the fast side.  Note: Just because there are no eggs in the batter, don't eat it...vinegar.  Eww!

With the positive results from our new recipes, we will be planning more menus around the other recipes in this book.  As I test them, I will try to post my results and comments.

Have you found any successful Egg-free, Milk-free, Nut-free recipes lately?


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