Stumbling into Grace - Book Review

Bible studies can be hard to relate to at times.  However, when the author creates a feeling of sitting down to coffee and chatting with a good friend, while getting deeper into a relationship with Jesus at the same time: what better format for this women’s Bible Study book, Stumbling Into Grace by Lisa Harper. 

Each chapter is a new study that begins with a story from Lisa’s life.  The stories cover a range of emotionally poignant stories with which most women can empathize.  Next is a scripture reading; followed by a section that relates the Bible passage to her story.  Finally application through group discussion or personal reflection closes each chapter with plenty of room to write in answers and journal.

I enjoyed “getting to know” Lisa through her witty life anecdotes.  As a national women’s conference speaker, at first glance Lisa appears to have it all together; yet her stories prove that she is human and stumbles through life like most women working through their Christian life.  While she was able to make me laugh or cry along with her, she was also able to bring to life the point of the Bible passage studied.  

I was given a free copy of this book as part of Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program. I was not required to post a positive review, just give my own opinion.


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