Is it worth the cost?

Maybe you don't have the money right now to get purchase a new workout program or nutrition plan. That's okay. I'm glad that you've set yourself up for success by not agreeing to go into more debt to get healthy. There is no point in doing something unhealthy for your finances just to get started on your healthy journey. I've been there...thought I NEED to get that program NOW! Charge it. Well, unless that money charged was in the account to cover the charge, then it was WRONG.

Before taking the plunge to buy something now because it's on sale or someone REALLY wants you to buy it, decide if you have the money. If not, please don't just pull out the plastic. If you truly feel that it would be a beneficial help to yourself and your family, then set aside a little each paycheck until you have the money saved to cover the purchase. In the mean time, you can still make healthy choices to start you on your journey, and they don't have to cost you more than you've budgeted for your groceries and physical activity - just a little more planning.

Here are some great tips that you can start using today to get you started without having to pull out your credit card!


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